6 Ways to Make a Capricorn Man Fall In Love

By | December 20, 2017

Do you dream of a future with a Capricorn man? It’s easy to tell why. Capricorn men are determined, hard-working partners who just want to settle down and take care of their family. Now who wouldn’t want that? If you know you’ve found that perfect Capricorn man and all those dating tips just haven’t been doing the trick, this guide will help you gain a better understanding of what it is that he really needs from a partner. Your guy may seem very serious and distant, but don’t worry, it’s in his nature! These tips will help you get under that rough exterior and right into his heart.

1) Family is extremely important to him. One way that many women don’t understand well is that Capricorns are very family oriented. Spend your time getting to know about his family. Remember their names, what they enjoy doing and show genuine concern for their well-being. Your Capricorn won’t be able to resist seeing how much you care about family. Don’t force yourself into a meeting with his family right away either. He’ll bring you into the fold with loving arms once he’s completely sure that you’re the one for him. This protective nature will also serve very well when he settles down to have a family. You’ll be his number one concern and he’ll become very careful to keep you safe once he knows you’re the one for him.

2) Capricorn men can be very shy and introverted. It may seem strange that your strong serious guy could be anything but shy, but its true! Underneath that rough exterior is a quiet soul who can make small talk, but isn’t very comfortable at large gatherings. The best way to seduce a capricorn man in these situations is to help him break the ice with strangers and be his connection in public situations. This gentle way of lending a hand will have him seeing stars and he’ll be extremely grateful you came to his rescue! Think of yourself as his guide when you’re in social settings and he’ll think of your encounters as safe and fun, which is exactly what he truly needs.

3) Sit back and let him take control. There are a lot of times when we just lose track of how many things we take control of when we’re dating. If he asks you out, take a step back and enjoy the ride! Let him choose the restaurant and plan out the details. Capricorn men are very dominant, again, because it makes them feel safe. The best way to show him your understanding of this very important need is to let him handle the arrangements. Not only will he take very good care of all of the little details, but he’ll make sure you’re spoiled rotten while enjoying his plans. This is also a very rewarding way to get to know what his interests are and see if you share any you can explore together.

capricorn man in love

4) Laugh out loud. Within every Capricorn man is a great sense of humour. Not only does your Capricorn man love hearing a great joke, attracting a Capricornman can be as simple as understanding his sense of humour and knowing when to laugh at his jokes too. Being an easy going partner will rank high in his books and make you stand out in a crowd. Show your fun side, and tickle his ribs to win his heart!

5) Keep your commitments and promises. Your dream guy really values people that stick to their word. Making a date and cancelling will show him you don’t really value his time or even care about him. This means you should always stick to your plans, show up on time or early, and do your best not to let him down. Life gets in the way, and we women tend to get busy and lose track of time. To win him over, pay special attention to these details and he’ll see that you respect and value him. This will show him that you’re great partner material and that you’re seriously committed to spending the rest of your life with him.

6) It’s all about the little things! If you know your Capricorn man loves a certain Chinese Restaurant, and surprise him with take out from his favourite place, he’ll remember forever. Spend your time getting to know him and taking notes. Use what you’ve learned to make him smile with thoughtful gestures and putting effort into finding a way to brighten his day. Although getting him a coffee in the morning just the way he likes it may seem like an insignificant gesture, he’ll treasure and won’t soon forget.

7) Don’t worry if your guy doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve right away. Capricorn men love being in control and are very analytical. As as result, they will keep their cards close to their chest and won’t let you know their true feelings for you until they’ve had quite a bit of time to make sure that their feelings are true. He may be head over heels in love with you already, but just might be too defensive to show it! If you’re dating a Capricorn man and you aren’t seeing his romantic side, he is still just analyzing the situation. Give him time and soon you will see him open up in ways you never thought possible. Once you’ve won him over, he’ll be committed to you for life and you’ll be the centre of his universe forever.

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